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How it started

Having managed various restaurants, cafes and bars throughout the years Huub Groot decided that he still hasn’t had enough and that he had to take on another challenge. Now 26 years later he still has no intentions of stepping on the brakes and together with his business partners they took on a new challenge; Luciano Bonaire.

They felt that Bonaire had the need of a modern but still cozy and relaxing cafe with a great ambiance. Where you can grab coffee and catch up as early as 7:30 am with your long lost friend, during the day you can meet up with colleagues or business partners to discuss one or the other, watch the beautiful sunset and end the day with a nice scoop of Luciano ice cream or a glass of wine.

The selection of food and beverage that Luciano Bonaire has to offer to its guests varies from internationally worldwide known brands to locally grown fruits and vegetables.  The famous and delicious Luciano Ice Cream from the Netherlands, the exquisite Italian Illy coffee, local pastries from Fait Maison, fresh mint for our Mojito’s from Fundashon Krusada Bonaire and the friendliest service from our local talents.

“I really love the island of Bonaire and i try to reflect that in my business and everything I do; helping the island and its citizens” - Huub Groot

About Luciano

From a tiny ice cream cart in a village in the Netherlands to one of the countries’ most famous ice cream shops... and now also on Bonaire! It all started in the summer of 1983 when Luc Blok finished high school and he decided to start helping his parents in their ice cream parlor in Wassenaar.

Here he had learned the basics of preparing ice cream and his love for the profession and passion for ice cream began. Together with his future wife Angelique they parked their ice cream cart on various locations throughout Wassenaar. In 1996 one of the best spots to start up a new business became available and Luc and Angelique took this opportunity with both hands. Without hesitating they opened their own ice cream shop at the Van Hogendorpstraat and since then everything was history. Now, 20 years later Luciano has 7 different locations, with Bonaire being the first one outside of the country.

In March of 2016 Huub Groot came into contact with Luc Blok through some friends and approached him about opening a Luciano franchise on Bonaire. At first Luc was a little bit hesitant, since he stresses a lot on the quality of his ice cream and wants to have full control over the production. He chooses quality over quantity and shipping out buckets with ice cream already made was not an option! Luciano stands for fresh daily homemade ice cream. After some deliberation with his wife Angelique they decided to take on the challenge and expand Luciano to the Caribbean. Huub Groot sent out a group of his finest chefs and artisans to the Netherlands to follow some intense trainings with Luc and Angelique in their in professional ice cream factory in Wassenaar. Luc also visited Bonaire a few times to make sure everything was going according to his wishes.

All in all, no matter where the journey takes Luc and Angelique, Luciano’s mission stays the same; ‘To provide our guests with a scoop of ice cream of the finest quality.’ Made daily out of fresh and delicious ingredients. Ice cream made with love and passion. And not to forget, preparation of the ice cream takes place in the visibility of everyone. This is also noticeable in our shop on Bonaire. And that’s what makes us unique!

In 2006 and 2012 Luciano won the title of “ijssalon van het jaar” (ice cream shop of the year) and Luc Blok was chosen as “ijsvakman van het jaar 2012” (ice cream artisan of the year). Luc Blok knows like no other how to spoil his guests, and it’s no secret that we chose to bring the best of the best to Bonaire.

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Luciano Bonaire Ice Cream
Luciano Bonaire Ice Cream
Luciano Bonaire Ice Cream
Luciano Bonaire Ice Cream
Luciano Bonaire Ice Cream
Luciano Bonaire Ice Cream
Luciano Bonaire Ice Cream
Luciano Bonaire Ice Cream
Luciano Bonaire

Luciano Hato
Bonaire District Shopping Center
Kaya Gob. N Debrot unit 4

Monday-Saterday : 9:00am - 10:00pm

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Luciano Centrum
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Monday-Sunday : 7:30am - 11:00pm
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